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  • Frederick Mostert - the man who helped Nelson Mandela protect his name and image from exploitation - sets out the intricacies of intellectual property rights in layperson's terms in his new book...
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  • Subtitled "Protect your ideas and make money", this book reflects the author's belief that creativity well tempered with good advice and common sense is a better path to success than the simple course of stealing and using other people's innovative ideas...
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  • The publisher, DK Publishing, worked closely with the authors to present a varied and colorful display of creations that have become established icons accompanied by informative captions to inspire and guide the reader...
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  • Clear, concise, and accessible, this practical guide will give readers an unprecedented introduction to the fascinating world of Intellectual Property, one of the hottest and most misunderstood topics among business owners, inventors, and anyone with an idea...
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  • By explaining in plain-English the importance of intellectual property, a complex area of law, From Edison to iPod makes this subject accessible to everyone, especially non-lawyers. Dr Frederick Mostert's new book will appeal to anyone with a valuable idea: entrepreneurs, inventors, marketing executives, designers, investors, web scientists, also law students, etc...
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  • Turn your idea into a moneymaker with From Edison to iPod: Protect Your Ideas and Make Money, the new book from Frederick Mostert and Larry Apolzon, two of the world's leading intellectual property lawyers. Everyone from Nelson Mandela to fashion designer Stella McCartney sings the praises of this up-to-the-minute resource on intellectual property...
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  • From the striking cover... to the spacious, well laid out pages, the book is easily digestible and informative... Friendly, informative and non-threatening, "From Edison to iPod" is not only helpful but interesting.
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  • The book is written with simple language and humor, making it enjoyable and understandable to even the causal reader.
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