Praise for the Book
From Edison to iPod Home Page     A chatty, inviting resource for anyone who's interested in protecting a great idea...(includes) bold images, fun tidbits, notes of caution and definitions. This valuable guide for aspiring entrepreneurial thinkers provides overall principles for thinking through the basics of intellectual property...while sharing hands-on tips. 
Publisher's Weekly
Designers need to know how best to protect their creations. This book tells you how. 
Stella McCartney
This book democratizes intellectual property and makes it accessible for all to use and understand. 
Nelson Mandela
Confucius says 'My education is open to everyone'. I say 'This book makes everyone understand intellectual property'.  
Jackie Chan
I never believed my pastry creations could be protected by intellectual property! 
Bill McCarrick
Master Chocolatier & Pastry Chef, Sir Hans Sloane Chocolate & Champagne House
Fred has written the book I would have liked to write. He's an expert and it shows, everything is covered in clear language. This book will be a boon to all innovators. 
Ron Marchant
Chief Executive of the U.K. Patent Office
Intellectual property is a powerful tool for economic growth, and entrepreneurs and politicians alike need to read this book. 
Dr. Kamil Idriss
Director General, World Intellectual Property Organisation

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