From Edison to iPod Home Page In this section we share links to online resources about counterfeiting.
The Authentics Foundation
Dedicated to a safer world
From the website: "The Authentics Foundation believes that no child should have to labor in a sweatshop, and is dedicated to raising awareness about the social ills behind a huge illegal trade. is here to help you buy the best real stuff. Come back often, to find interviews with your favorite designers, inside looks at how everything from handbags to auto parts are made, buying guides and more."
The latest news on anti-counterfeiting measures. From the website: " is an online voice for the anti-counterfeiting industry. The threat to business from counterfeiting and IPR theft is growing and the range of technological, legal and intelligence countermeasure grows daily to address it. covers this world with in-depth reporting and expert asssessments."
U.S. Food & Drug Administration
Combating counterfeit drugs in the U.S. From the website: "Counterfeit drugs -- illegal and inherently unsafe -- are a growing public health problem. An FDA task force is working with other agencies and the private sector to help protect the nation's drug supply from the threat of counterfeits."

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